We could use your help for all kinds of things like...



Adopt a Shelf:
Dedicate yourself to our diversely cultivated materials. It's a volunteer position that works with your hours, and it provides the library with much needed assistance.

Teach a Computer Class:
Share your skills with the community. The library is always looking for workshop volunteers, specialists and developers of additional classes.

Reading for Life:
Teach someone who needs help with reading or with English. This is an extremely rewarding experience for both student and educator.

Help us develop, deliver and evaluate classes and workshiops @ your NPR Public Library.

Retired Librarians:
If you have your Masters degree in Library Science, we have a large variety of tasks that need your assistance.

Distribute newslettters and flyers to nearby businesses. This position helps support the library's PR and Marketing efforts.

 Please be advised: The City of New Port Richey does not participate in court ordered community service.




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Emergency Contact Phone Number:
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